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English-Galician CLUVI Dictionary, 2nd edition (revised version 2.2)

(Based on the CLUVI Corpus of the University of Vigo)

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- hoarding, hoarse, hoarsely, hoary, hoax, hobble, hobby, hobbyist, hockey, hoe, hog, hoist, hold, holder, holding, hole, holiday, holiness, holistic


- noun
- aixada

EN Whatever it was, the rebuke was convincing, for the woman dropped her hoe and went mumbling into the house.
GL Fose o que fose, a reprimenda produciu efecto, pois a muller deixou cae-la aixada e entrou fungando na casa.
- Fonte: ESP (1624)

- transitive or intransitive verb
- sachar

EN Near Africa's mighty Niger River, farmers are anxiously waiting for rain to fall before they sow millet or sorghum, then hoe, harvest, feed their families and replenish their granaries.
GL Preto do gran río Níxer, no continente africano, uns homes agardan con ansiedade a que chova para poder sementar mijo ou sorgo, sachar, colleitar, alimentarse e volver enche-los seus celeiros.
- Fonte: C05 (649)